I have a hard time deciding about Norman Finkelstein

Well, Full Disclosure – I haven’t read any of his books or articles. My only exposure to him is through one of his interviews at BBC (Hardtalk with Stephen Sackur) and through this documentary. To me, he looks like a man of principles, and I think he has been ousted from the academic and jewish community because he exposed some of the most balatant lies told by Jewish Lobby in US and Israel itself. He has exposed the West’s hypocrisy in a pretty clear way.

But I also find it strange that he has found not many sympathizers in academia or outside. May be it’s personality that rubs them the wrong way. I have just no fucking clue. He is an enigma to me. May be I should read his works and then I’ll have a better idea.

Here is the documentary. It came out in 2010, and received good reviews. Quite a watch, to say the least.

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[New Episode] Science and Religion are Mortal Enemies

Well, Last week I posted the first episode of this new series by Brian Dalton. He is back with a new episode. Check it out, it addresses one of the core issues of atheism.

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[Video] Atheists = Humanists

Interesting little video.

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[Fun Random Atheism Video] Richard Dawking calling out BS in the Bible

This is a fun one. Look at the guy in the beginning who believes in all the absurd fairy tales in the Bible. Really? He believes that shit really happened??

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New Youtube Series – The God Distraction

This is a cool Youtube series created by Mr. Brian Dalton, aka Mr. Deity. He is a reformed atheist, and as this intro video shows, he was really deep into religious BS, until, well.. see the video to listen to him describe his miraculous journey. I have been in the same boat, and I was in the clutches of all sorts of spiritual, religious, tantrik BS. But that story is for another day. Take a look at this series, it looks very promising, I’m sure it’ll turn out to be a really good one.

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Fundamentalists? They are a weird bunch, aren’t they? [Source: WWW]


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11 Countries with the highest Atheist population

InsiderMonkey has crunched some numbers on countries with the highest percentage of atheists. Go to the article here.

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