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[Video] Why are Atheists so hated?

Nice interview of Cara Santa Maria on this show called The Rubin Report. Some pretty insightful comments here by Cara. Advertisements

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John Oliver on Paris Attacks

Paris attacks, whatever the fucking ideology or motivation behind them may be, however holy, are one of the ghastliest acts of violence in world history. There can never be justification for killing of peaceful, innocent citizens. I will not go … Continue reading

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How to Beat Your Wife, the Quranic way

This is hilarious stuff, but apparently very serious matter for this cleric/expert on Islam. The guy is so serious talking about this, but just read the subtitles. Are you shitting me? How can one say Quran and Islam are NOT … Continue reading

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[Debate] Christopher Hitchens Vs. Tony Blair

This is a really fun one to watch. It was organized in Canada (Toronto, I think). Very civilized, but as usual, Hitchens pulls no punches. I think he clearly nailed Tony’s arguments. But, seriously, a good debate all in all.

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