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[Video] Why are Atheists so hated?

Nice interview of Cara Santa Maria on this show called The Rubin Report. Some pretty insightful comments here by Cara. Advertisements

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Some good old Hip-Hop

Here is a song that I really liked recently. From the OST of the movie “Southpaw”, which BTW, is a really good guy flick. Reminded me of Rocky and Million Dollar Baby.

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[New Episode] Science and Religion are Mortal Enemies

Well, Last week I posted the first episode of this new series by Brian Dalton. He is back with a new episode. Check it out, it addresses one of the core issues of atheism.

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[Fun Random Atheism Video] Richard Dawking calling out BS in the Bible

This is a fun one. Look at the guy in the beginning who believes in all the absurd fairy tales in the Bible. Really? He believes that shit really happened??

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11 Countries with the highest Atheist population

InsiderMonkey has crunched some numbers on countries with the highest percentage of atheists. Go to the article here.

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Funny Religion-Bashing Memes {Source: WWW}

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No, “Modern” Lifestyle has NOT ruined your sleep patterns

Photo Courtesy: The Economist See this story from The Economist (a magazine I am a big fan of, BTW) for more details. The Article

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